Make Something Project description

John Oduor

1. Me and my partner were given bubble wrap,an eraser, a dinosaur like toy figure, a pencil,tape, and pouch.

2. We decided to snap the stick in half and stick the ends of it on the dinosaur toy, We then drew a smily face on the eraser to make it appear more lively and added the button to make the eraser appear more human like.

3. After looking at the Eraser like humanoid we placed him upon the dinosaur toy strapped him on with tape placing both him and the dinosaur action figure on top of the pouch which became more of a raft, I  had then started getting a feeling of adventure when creating this imaginary thing.

4. When the teacher had asked us what objects had we not used we answered the pencil, she then told us we had the opportunity to ask those around us for items we then decided to also snap the pencil in half to make it look like a paddle which would be used on a raft.