Archives Activity

When researching through valid sources whether it is physical or non physical it gives us the benefit to go through different routes to our conclusion of what we’re to solve. Metadata is really important and is for the most part essentially¬† needed whether we’re dealing with archives,research, or for a variety of projects that may or may have needed metadata. Metadata is basically data which explains data through records and such. Metadata allows individuals to be lead to new discoveries that may have a significant correlation¬† to their project and or research assignment. The purpose of Metadata is to communicate information to the one who is producing research, this person would be the primary researcher and metadata allows him or her to collect substantive information that allows them to push an idea further along into what could be several other presumptions that help them uncover the mystery, or layering behind what they seek to discover. When we the primary researchers question our own sources it leads us to fixing and learning from past and present mistakes, we may discover why we perceive things differently on the contraire to the source when we have an initial bias, when we’re questioning our sources we can decide whether the information isn’t substantial or If it could be a way of opening our minds that in the ned would benefit us both ways. Metadata and questioning our sources allow us to expand our horizon to broaden our own sense of thought when it comes to quantitive research.