The Discrimination & Negative Connotations of AIDS and Gays in Kenya: Synthesis & Conclusions

It’s time to Move On

For Kenya to progress, change needs to happen, These issues need to be addressed personally by President Kenyatta to  create a better future for the Kenyan People. When we debunk the negative interpretations of the LGBT and HIV positive individuals in Kenya, we can bring change to the issues which surround Kenya’s community. Yes, Kenya has made some progress by discussing how to deal with the AIDS epidemic with the UN, banning anal tests and talking with the president, however more can be done to create an impact on the problems that had been piling up over the past decade.

Kenyatta’s Problem

Although President Kenyatta wants Kenya to be progressive he doesn’t take the call to action for that to Happen, rather than answering to these issues he chooses to ignore them to hold the image he had built for himself. Kenyatta plays too much with ignorance, He is blinded by his own perceptions and beliefs to what is needed for kenya when the problem is right in front of his eyes.

The Answer to the Problem

If President Kenyatta acknowledges the issue this can create opportunities to directly attack what has been accommodated with the LGBT and HIV discrimination. President Kenyatta can communicate more efficiently with Law enforcement,  his government body, public schools, and corporations of Kenya.

The Isolation of the LGBT and HIV positive people not only hurts them but it prevents the community of Kenya from building into something better, It effects the economy when these people are shunned by society forced into a lifestyle of being homeless. For a nation to blossom into something greater their needs to be a bond between the  people, when they’re to busy discriminating amongst one another this just causes  time to avert back into the past rather than moving forward, for things to change you must have a new resolution to an over aged problem.

Kenyatta seems to be out of touch with the people, for him to connect with the people of Kenya he needs to resolve their problems without turning his head to what he sees fit.


Final Thoughts

The president and people of Kenya in general need to take the initiative to bring action to the growing issues which occur in Kenya, When these are taken lightly Kenyan people suffer even further.

In order for Kenya to fix these issues team effort is needed, when  a village comes together they can face greater challenges, this philosophy can be applied to the rising issues in all of Kenya, rather than relying on ones personal belief it takes the community to come to a resolution for what is best.Until these issues are addressed Kenya has an extremely long journey ahead to get where it wants to be, If Kenyatta wants to make progress, change is needed now.

My solution to the problem isn’t the best, however i see that Kenya can reverse the damage that they had allowed to grow from stigma and discrimination of both the LGBT and HIV positive people.





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