The Discrimination & Negative Connotations of AIDS and Gays in Kenya: How can Kenya Combat Aids and gays stigma and discrimination?

Protesting can gradually go a long way towards change, this is a  way of making the government take notice of their previous action. Protesting allows the people space to express their views externally to the people who govern them. By protesting we raise new questions that need to be answered, this would allow the government time to think or reconcile which laws are damaging to he people.

The Kenyan Government can be more aware of what occurs in the work places, and schools, keeping a close eye to monitor the behaviors of the administrators who conduct work and school operations. I suggest they hold people more accountable of the action which take place in these environments.

Law enforcement leaders should confront the  discriminating practices that are carried out by their own police officers to the citizens. If the chief officer continues to lead with a blind eye, while all the injustice occurs this just deepens the wound in the damage done by law enforcement.

The president of Kenya can and shall be more open to Ideas of how to make the LGBT   safer, accepted , and free of dehumanizing practices carried out by society. Kenyatta can address these issues by meetings, public speaking, and or direct action through considering new laws to banish these cruel acts inflicted amongst these communities.

Getting the Community Involved is a good way of building structure for a cause towards a problem that needs attention, A community based organization can give people the insight of others in the LGBT or those who live with HIV. When a union is created to address an issue that doesn’t bring concern to leaders, they’re able to create a voice for that issue that isn’t spoken of. Organizations allow problem solving, this allows individuals from all sorts of places to out their heads together to attack situations that their leaders had not thought of confronting. The LGBT movement in Kenya is a perfect example of what taking action is when the government doesn’t take the rights of gays, and HIV discrimination into thought.

Raising Awareness is a way to educate the people who hold little knowledge of what is HIV, how to prevent HIV, and how to treat those afflicted with this disease. Educating the youth of Kenya in primary and secondary schools is essential to building a  better generation moving forward, to teach them that those of the LGBT and individuals who are HIV positive are normal people living  just as they do. If this topic is neglected in the future, Kenya wouldn’t make the progression that it  aims towards.







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