Reading Response 2: Arola Ball



Annotations are placed in the article  Forty Years Later, the Golden Record goes Vinyl


Starting off Unit two we were given two required readings to choose from. The first reading spoke of Multimodal Projects made by Arola ball, the title was What are Multimodal projects? The second reading focused on being smart on the internet avoiding useless information stored in the digital world, this  was titled Net Smart by Howard Rheingold. From these two readings I’ve learned several things from both authors, I learned how to work around insufficient information fed by the internet with little to no credibility, and I learned the types of Modes which come from Multimodal projects which discussed how they’re utilized in media, The modes are linguistic,aural,visual,gestural, and spacial aspects.   The required reading I chose was from none other than Arola Balls required reading “What are Multimodal Projects”?  I utilized this article by making correlations to what I had learned from it to another article called Forty Years Later, the Golden Record goes Vinyl.

Here’s a brief summary of The article Forty Years Later, the Golden Record goes Vinyl by Marina Koren, The article discusses a Golden Record intended to be listened to by extraterrestrials,beings living outside of the planet we call earth. The Gold record had songs,sounds which come from nature, and several languages humans speak, The Golden record however wasn’t intended for humans to listen to, it was reserved for life outside of earth. Two Golden records left earth on voyager 1 and 2 breaking through earths atmosphere,Left over companies were obtained by NASA in the year 78′, fast forward a decade later the record is priced at $98.  I now want to get into how several modes have been implemented into the Golden Record and how they were utilized for NASA’S own benefit to build interaction between them and extraterrestrials,

Several modes from the required reading “What are Multimodal Projects”? by Arola Ball were apparent  Throughout my brief reading of of the article Forty Years Later,The Golden Record goes Vinyl I had discovered that the Golden Record had utilized Spatial Mode by the organization of the songs, languages, and nature sounds. Aural Mode  was in heavy effect for the Golden Record since the element of sound was required for extraterrestrials to decipher into their own understanding. I wonder if the extraterrestrials would even be capable of deciphering the sounds which come from earth, There is no possible way of knowing, I would assume they were not capable of doing so because of the possibilities of a language barrier. The article itself utilizes visual mode through pictures showing the golden record laid out next to the title. Although the Golden Record may have utilized some modes from multimodal projects, I must ask if Arola Ball had been Involved with this experiment to communicate with extraterrestrials would anything be different from how it had originally ended? I could only assume that NASA would have been possibly more aware of how they were going to accomplish what they sought out to through the multimodal project system, If the record wasn’t as perfect as it could have been perhaps Arola Ball could’ve pushed better organization of the sounds separating them in several ways like the music,languages, and natural sounds.

These were my own speculations of what could’ve been and how the Golden Record previously utilized elements from Arola Balls  “What are Multimodal Projects?”  I still wonder If aliens would have been able to decipher what was on the record, it is more likely that they would not have been capable of comprehending what sounds had come from this record.

This article I had compared to Arola Balls what are multimodal projects helped me understand a little more of how we can make the modes of use when trying to communicate an idea. I found it to be an interesting read, Arola Balls thoughts were well thought out explaining how all the modes are to an extent utilized in media.  Comparing both the required and secondary reading overall was a learning experience.

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