Tony felix
The names project research

This research project is based on substantial research centered around the victims of a disease we know as AIDS, students including myself had begun our research at the NAMES Project where we each picked our own panel. The NAMES project is a space that pays tribute to AIDS victims  allowing family members and friends to express their gratitude and respect through highly decorative panels built up from several materials to mold several designs or objects implemented into the panel. The NAMES project is a way of spreading awareness of AIDS through the panels that tell a story, We can in some sort of way see this as a movement against the lack of acknowledgement the AIDS epidemic had received.The goal of my project is to seek the meaning between the objects that fill the panel, to uncover the importance of those fragments behind the panel, and I should ask myself why they hold such significance in this individuals life.

About the Quilt

The quilt in block #2685 pays tribute to Tony Felix, which is short for Anthony felix. The quilt is assembled with a variety of material that may perhaps indicate what he had held close to him before passing. The pieces individually are a unique way of shaping our own perception of Tony’s personality, although we wouldn’t have any chance of truly knowing. It’s interesting that I have to put the pieces to the puzzle to even understand a little of what each piece represents.

a note from tony’s loved ones

                                                                      Anthony Felix                                                                                                                                               1958 – 1990                                                                                                                                     Providence,Rhode Island

“A panel for tony was designed by john after tony died.It was created by his friends under his supervision. Tony’s mom like felix was the inspiration for all of us who worked on the panel. It was both tony and john’s wish that after they were gone that their panels would be sewn together and give to the national Names memorial quilt. They saw it as a way of perpetuating their friend ship and the love they shared.”

Initially I didn’t have a clue who designed the quilt then I had learnt that It was his best friend who had designed the panel for both him and tony so when they pass they could be represent alongside each other.



I find it compelling that they had used the image of Felix the cat a comic like character to mirror Anthony Felix’s personality in a sort of way. I could only assume that they had based the design of Felix the cat to match who they saw Anthony Felix, or It could have been a childhood favorite cartoon. Felix the cat is clever, curious, and inventive, I think it in a way may be the embodiment of Anthony felix’s personality there is a camera to the left corner of the panel that could give us a presumption of Anthony Felix’s creative personality. Felix the cat is seen in his signature pose  with his right hand placed on his hips, while his left arm is amplified at a 90 degree angle. The designer must have mixed both white and black fabrics to put together the anatomical parts that make felix look the way  he does. The black fabric must’ve been used for the pupils while the surroundings of the pupil are white toned fabric.




The wording on the red tie is filled with a color of gold while being surrounded by a bold red. Anthony Felix’s name is embroidered in gold silk, the red material is more than likely made from cotton,silk, and other materials such as polyester. I see the Red tie as a symbol to victory, Anthony Felix had lived his life well in its short duration possibly may have achieved great things during that time, The red tie can be greeted to us as an homage to none other than Anthony Felix. There are musical notes that run to the bottom of the tie that maybe hinting that Anthony was a dexterous musician.

when looking at the image altogether It has to be a fact that Anthony loved or participated in music.

Felix the cat is embroidered into cloth like material  surrounded by several other pieces.
Christmas Patch

The christmas patch must be assembled from cloth, thin like yarn,different fabrics, and a thread. The hearts are given small detail of light to indicate that it shines, and the birds are given shadows in-between their wings to produce an effect of slight realism from the detailed patch. The white fabric like material in the patch represents snow and snowflakes, the patch has a black exterior that is bordered around the design. I could assume this patch signifies his love for christmas, and what he thought the meaning of the holiday was which I could presume is love between one another from the looks of the patch.

Stuffed bear

The stuff bear seems to have a halo placed above the head. This could be a farewell gift to Anthony Felix to pay some sort of tribute. It is common for stuffed animals to be used as tribute to one individual, Its a form of respect. I can say the stuffed animal shows a little innocence and playfulness to Anthony, but I can’t truly say what it may represent It could be his childhood toy he had alongside him in his earlier days of adolescence.

Ultimate patch

This patch is very minimalistic with small detail, It says sport masters , Massachusetts, university. This gives an indication that Anthony felix was apart of some organization which he and his friends must have been proud, this patch acknowledges his achievements during his time in that organization or team I presume.

This is a patch that says Massachusetts university it also includes the word “ultimate” which may indicate he may have been part of an organization or team.



Silhouette projector

This silhouette projector indicates his love for cinema which we could only assume may be true. When I had given thought to the idea of his love for cartoons since Felix the cat was more so in the silent era of animation, I can guess that he could have been interested in silent black and white films.The silhouette is detailed with white lined patterns to give us an indication or portrayal of the rolling tape apart of the projector along with the black line that diagonally calls across the squared cubicle of this silhouette. The bubbles along side this image points to felix the cats head so I could suggest that he did think of cinema a lot and was passionate about films and other sorts of media influenced by film.



This husky that is also placed in a bordered frame has bubbles that run alongside it leading to none other than felix the cat. Dogs are seen as loyal companions who stick to your side. This dog that is implemented into this panel must be one of Anthony’s closest friends during his life, perhaps the dog was included to show people looking at the panel what he had loved before passing. The dog is painted with acrylic paint, the painter used a bronze like colors for the eyes, and a bold red for the collar placed around the dogs neck.

Final thoughts about Tony Felix

I came in the project knowing little to nothing about the individual placed upon this panel, although still a little empty handed I had learned a little more about tony felix through several hints and observation of detail I can say this panel personifies him as who he had been seen to others elegantly. The panel gives me the slight indication of who Anthony felix was and thats all well done, I got to experience what others had admired him for through observing this panel.


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