Culture specificity: This inherent cultural bias in the creating and reading of texts.

Digital literacy- Literacy which involves not only ways to navigate digital spaces,but also codes and commands for receiving and producing messages by using digital technology.


Hyper literate- Literate in hypertext or hyper literature.


Lexicon:from the Greek lexicon,meaning a book of language:Lexis(words) and legein (to speak).We use it to mean words relevant to a field or topic.


Material Culture- Things we value in our daily lives such as tools,art, or other utilities.

Mediums- Material or technical means through which something is made.

Metadata-Data that describes other data which communicates information to researchers.

Prownian analysis- Description,Deduction,Speculation,Research, and polished interpretive analysis.


Thick Description- Describing things in depth and heavy detail scaling from top to bottom.

The thick and thin of it