Archives Activity

When researching through valid sources whether it is physical or non physical it gives us the benefit to go through different routes to our conclusion of what we’re to solve. Metadata is really important and is for the most part essentially  needed whether we’re dealing with archives,research, or for a variety of projects that may or may have needed metadata. Metadata is basically data which explains data through records and such. Metadata allows individuals to be lead to new discoveries that may have a significant correlation  to their project and or research assignment. The purpose of Metadata is to communicate information to the one who is producing research, this person would be the primary researcher and metadata allows him or her to collect substantive information that allows them to push an idea further along into what could be several other presumptions that help them uncover the mystery, or layering behind what they seek to discover. When we the primary researchers question our own sources it leads us to fixing and learning from past and present mistakes, we may discover why we perceive things differently on the contraire to the source when we have an initial bias, when we’re questioning our sources we can decide whether the information isn’t substantial or If it could be a way of opening our minds that in the ned would benefit us both ways. Metadata and questioning our sources allow us to expand our horizon to broaden our own sense of thought when it comes to quantitive research.

Sample Bibliography Entry

Williams, Gabrielle. Primary Source Description “Two”.  Post Script Reverie  Blog, October 8,2017.

Gabrielle Williams details the material implemented into the panel she is researching.

Williams in a detailed analysis if her quilt, but she also backs it up with sources.

Williams explores the fragments of the panel leading to other sources such as music the one who is given tribute to listened to before passing.

Williams audience is those who have interest in discovering the pieces(artifacts)  put together representing those who passed from aids.

Williams research could be beneficial to give people a more in depth analysis of the ordinary people who had been victims to Aids.



PSD 1: First Contact

Tony Felix

Block # 2685





Description and Response

The panel is centered around yellow colored material which I assume is cotton, the cloth resembles the color of Anthony felix name on the ribbon attached to felix the cat. The Panel includes fragments of Anthony’s life such as his university, a patch that may represent an achievement, and felix the cat which perhaps may be his favorite cartoon character considering the character was more on television at the time. The Film Camera I believe represents his aspirations to possibly become a cinematographer. I presume the teddy bear was apart of early adolescence earlier on in his life before adulthood. The Dog must have been a companion to him, a man’s best friend.There is also a patch with the christmas tree that may express his love for the christmas holiday.

I still  wonder what the Patch that has his university and ultimate written in it represents. I see that his nickname is tony short Anthony which I had never realized is a  shorter way of saying Anthony till now. The designer of the panel I believe used felix the cat, the teddy bear, and the dog to represent his playfulness and happiness all in one.  The film camera had though bubbles which had surrounded it, I see this as a way of interpreting what Anthony felix goals and prospects were which may have included a career aspect in the film industry. Felix the cat may have been implemented into the panel just because of the last name and the character may manifest what Anthony felix personality may have been.




Reading The Object, Reading the Owner

 The Object is a white rounded device attached to a  wire plated in a tube, The wire has two separate white “pods” attached at the ends of the wire. One pod has a capitalized R, while the other pod has a capitalized L. There are some open spots on the Pod which are black, i believe this electronic device’s purpose is to be attached to another sort of electric appliance. In between one wire attached to the pods it has a positive and negative sign, and a mic symbol engraved onto the back of it, while holding this part i can hold a button down which is strange considering the fact that I don’t understand what it is for.

The Interrogation

What do you find  so alluring about this object Jordan?

Jordan: “It has simple layout, It sounds clean, & feels good”

When did you get this object you speak of?

Jordan:  “A few months ago”

Tell me what do you feel for this object, how does it make you feel?

Jordan: I rely on it  daily, where I go it goes.

PSD Activity 2


There is a woman gazing out of the edge of her shoulder in a painting, Her eyes are dark blue, It appears she has a lightly blue colored turban placed upon her head. She has brown clothing placed on her torso and her pearl earring that shines the color of silver or gold. The painting Illustrates the look of wonder on her face to what is next.She has pale skin covered in light and shadows,small lips colored with a light hint of red and a narrow gap between her set of eyes, her cheek bones seem soft from the look of the picture, she seems to have her looks settled onto something ahead. Her eyes may be the look of admiration.



What is she looking at?

What is her name?

Why was this painted?

What is she feeling?

Is she some sort of Important figure, maybe a queen?