About me


Hey, My name is John Oduor, and this website follows the immense research on my aids quilt project which covers two quilts from individual blocks. My motive is to learn who the individual was before passing, and why their quilt is designed in certain images of objects and patterns. I want to know the personality behind the quilt and how the quilt personifies the Individual through different mediums and objects placed on the material.

So far I found a letter for one quilt, I’ve taken pictures, and had thoughts of why certain material was included with the tribute to this person. This project will consist of detailed observation, and in depth analysis of what makes the quilt significant,  Detail is key to this project,so my goal is too be more oriented with vocab and learning to be more precise in full scale along with what puts the quilt together in one piece. The pieces that are placed along one another in the quilt are the blueprint to pay tribute to these people, I need to ask myself why is this object important, why is it associated with this person, and why did the designer choose to include it?